The Ladies With No Age…



İf you ask me ı am going to say the best friend of me is myself.  I believe in people can enjoy themselves. I am the one who can do this. Sometimes ı make a fortune with licence platenumbers, sometimes deal with making fun with person analizes. I never look for my lonelyness in somebody. Imake my own thinks.

Right now ı am lonenly and ı don’t have something to do. I sit down on a rock, and ı feel the rain in the air and while ı am waiting the rain ı am watching the people around.

Today ı am thing of woman with no age.Now a days ladies hide their ages with clothes makeups and aeesthetic surgeries and the with theirenergies but if you look them closed you can see the life goes down.

Right there she holds the shopping bags and put big sunglasess how old is she? İs she a lady with no age?

The sun glasses is a proop that she cant look around. İf she didn’t put the sun glases ı can unnderstand how old is she.

She walk dinamic but she pres the ground. But she looks awkward.the bags or the life make her slow? If she didnt put these sunglasess ı am goning t understand how old is she. I think she put it on intentional so why you need sunglasess in the air with no sun.

I think she is 45. İf ı hear her voice ı could expect of her age. I need to try.

I am supposed to ask for a lighter it is going to work

‘’sorry do you have a lighter?’’

This is the time ı wait for.the puzzle going to solve down.

She stopped and look on me wih her black sun glasess. She left the bags and took a breath than she take of her sunglasses she was looking tired.

‘’she said: look at me lady… I am 50 years old and ı don’t know how cigarette tastes so.. I don’t have lighter and ı offer you leave smoking ıt decreas your breath than it make your skin wrickled and you get old before you need to. Than she put her sunglases back she hold the bags with her hands with short nails. She needs to get hurry up.  May be tol ive maybe to cook somethink.

The lady ı am trying to understand how old is she is 50 years old.she said that.

She was straigh had sad eyes huge bored with the life but she was dinamic.

I light my sigarette by my lighter.

She looks like she was 60 from her back.

I believe that she was the lady with no age.

With black sunglasses 45 from front 50 from back 60…


Translater: Esin ÖZDEMİR

Oya ENGİN, 2012/İstanbul, TURKEY


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