Right or Left…

Sosyal Butonlar

As always it is night and it is coming again … The way he come might be right or left… But it is not like this… They both let the way out for comings… They are not jealous of each other… They don’t have any dissension among… If it was me ı will try to draw ahaed … Which one ı need to bethe right one or the left one?ı need to be the right one becouse ı am righty… The coming get started with me… The right one might wait for the mine..

Either time or  turn.but it comes lightly don’t care about right or left … Waits for night times in impatience.. When the day gone ıt comes.. İt  comes quick and get in to my feet  and getting high to my legs.  Ohh my aches.. I am disgruntled on you  my feet. Why you are not jeoluos of each other why one of you don’t get all the pain and left nothing for the other.. At least one of my foot can live without pain..why old ages are hard like this…

(Translated ;Esin ÖZDEMİR)

Oya ENGİN, 2014 İstanbul, Turkey

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