Sosyal Butonlar


You had bought these  for me in the middle of summer, that remembers november, same as today.I had creeped when ı took them out of box and touched their soft and velvety leather..What was the thing that had made me creeped?İt was cold in air or it was the magic of love or it was you?I couldn’t know that at the moment.I had wanted to put that shoes on everytime ı met u and ı did…I wanted to give the same worth to you that u had given me.It was the first present from you to me.It made me so happy gave me luck all the time.
In old times the shoes which be loved by the person who hust died was left to the door by the lovely people of death person and that shoes got lost immidiatly becouse a man gets it for his need.The lovely peole pray for the death person and wished that hopefully shoes had taken by somebody who realy need it.Tomarrow we are going to get marry.ı leave my shoes to the door with my prays and wishes that pair of shoes gave me happiness ı hope the person going to find them will be happy too:)

Translater: Esin Özdemir


Oya ENGİN/29.09.2014, İstanbul…

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